SYCL BATTERIES NOW OFFERS BALLISTIC EVO 2   4 / 8 / 12 / 16 Cell units

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Maintenance free high-output lightweight starting batteries.  Revolutionary Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have unbelievable power to weight ratios. As small as 13oz.  with 120 cold cranking amps compared to batteries 10x heavier.  Sycl Batteries is proud to offer Ballistic Performance Batteries in a wider range of sizes and featuring sealed cases with built in BMS Balance Charger Plugs.  Regular maintence charging with the Ballistic BMS charger is not required but recommended for extending the life of these batteries past any Lead Acid or AGM Battery.  The Ballistic Batteries are shipped in special foam sleeves that can be used to install the batteries in their standard battery box locations. 

We have a battery for almost every motorsport application!